GRANDE Burrito Bags


Image of GRANDE Burrito Bags

Danny has been playing around with new design features and layout of our popular Burrito Bags, and has completed this run of super thick, high quality tool bags. The strap layout varies on each just from dialing in the perfect layout, but the straps can be mounted vertically or horizontally to fit anywhere on your bike. Riveted, laced, and embellished, these are a top notch bag. They are made of 12/14 leather and are very tough- we can literally stand on them without crushing them! Made to last a lifetime.

These are a limited run of prototypes, hence the introductory price. Available in just the 6 styles shown, one of each so hurry!

A- Smooth Oxblood
B- Black Basketweave Flap
C- Black Basketweave Flap
D- Black and Tan Floral Tooled
E- Black Motorcycle Chain Border
F- The GRANDE Grande, will fit a 32 oz can- Oxblood Basketweave, the be all, end all of Burrito bags :-)


  • A Smooth Oxblood
  • B Black Basketweave Sold Out
  • C Black Basketweave Sold Out
  • D Tooled Floral
  • E Black Chain Border
  • F The GRANDE Grande Basketweave Oxblood


Image of GRANDE Burrito Bags Image of GRANDE Burrito Bags